Quality African Zebra Hides

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Trophy Grade Zebra Hides

Grade A: These grade of hides are superior to other zebra rugs. Since these animals do live in the wild they are prone to some scratches and scars from predators or brush. Grade A zebra hide rugs are as close to perfect as you can get! In order to make sure you have the best product available we check each and every hide for any blemishes.
Grade B: This grade of zebra hide rugs are still as beautiful as ever, but may contain some small blemishes upon a close inspection. Zebras protect themselves and their pack from lions and other predators and sometimes can get scars from defending themselves from these predators, as well as the rugged terrain in the African wilderness. These hides can be used for draping over furniture, or being used to make pillows and other furniture.

Trophy Authentic Hide

 Trim Rugs: Authentic African expertly trimmed rugs can enhance the exotic feel of any room.  We have an excellent selection of lined rugs that will meet your satisfactory needs. The lining is hand stitched leather and the work by our expert tanners and taxidermist will be sure to ensure you to have a long lasting authentic African zebra hide rug. Each and every hide is unique and meets our criteria of high standard of complete and total quality.